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About Umair


Chicago-based Umair Yasin is a fitness enthusiast who wants to help others take control of their health and wellbeing. Umair began his fitness journey as a way to improve his own health and allow him to continue living an active life as he gets older. To him it is important to keep your body in good shape today so that you do not experience as many negative symptoms as you age. One major reason this is important to Umair is his family. Umair wants to be able to spend time with his children as they get older without any hindrances due to health. His family keeps him motivated to work out daily and eat a nutritious diet.

While Umair Yasin of Chicago has chosen to live a healthy lifestyle, he did not always live this way. In the past, Umair noticed that his body was getting out of shape and he was not feeling as well physically as he wanted. He made the conscious decision to wake up every morning and work out, and almost immediately he began feeling much better. Umair also realized that his mind was clearer and he was able to be not only more productive, but more creative as well, with these effects lasting all day. In addition, Umair found that by eating healthier and more nutritious foods, he was able to retain his energy longer throughout the day.

Chicago’s Umair Yasin has one major tenet that guides his philosophy toward living a fit life: make small, sustainable changes. Umair has purposely avoided fad diets and intense, lengthy workouts in favor of smaller changes in order to maintain his momentum. One of his favorite exercises is riding the Peloton bike, which he finds fun and challenging. He also likes to incorporate High Intensity Interval Training into his home workouts.

Although Umair Yasin of Chicago may seem like a fitness guru, his day job is actually quite the opposite. Umair is the Ecommerce Specialist for Midwest Goods Inc, where he works to create marketing strategies for products and services. Umair is passionate about technology, and one of his goals in the coming years is to launch a new app that helps audiences connect with influencers. Even though this business is in the early stages of pre-development, Umair is passionate about his role working on this technology and he looks forward to seeing the project through until it launches.

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