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We’ve all tried at least one diet in our lifetime, and while the weight may come off initially, it’s keeping it off that’s the hardest part. When we deprive ourselves of the foods we enjoy on a regular basis, we have a difficult time resisting overindulging in them when we’re presented with them at a party or other special occasion.

That’s why so many of us tend to gain more weight around the holidays. We think if we stick to our diets throughout the year, and only indulge during the holidays, we’ll be fine. The problem is, once we start indulging, it’s hard to stop. That’s why the “everything in moderation” approach is more successful.


Focus on How You Feel, Not a Number

So many of us are obsessed with a number on a scale, but how much we weigh isn’t necessarily indicative of how healthy we are. Our bodies naturally have a weight that it feels comfortable at. If we’re constantly trying to push that number higher or lower, we’ll inevitably get stuck in a cycle of gaining and losing.

The goal is to find where you feel the healthiest and maintain that. This may mean you need to work out more or less at times, but as long as you are consistently fueling your body in the right way, maintaining it shouldn’t be such a struggle.


Stop Feeling Guilty

“Diet culture” has forced us all to feel guilty when we take a bite of a cupcake or a candy bar. No, these foods don’t fuel the body, but they are enjoyable. Finding a balance between the two will allow you to indulge in treats on a regular basis but in moderation. That way, you won’t overindulge, as we tend to at the holidays when we are deprived of these foods year-round.

Get in tune with your body. Pay attention to when it’s craving something, but also listen to it when it feels full. Eating smaller amounts of your favorite foods can actually be more beneficial in terms of your overall health- both mental and physical- than depriving yourself of the things you love simply in order to maintain a number on the scale.